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Mark Warner
Currently Residing: England
Nationality: British


I am an IT developer with many years experience. My professional computing career began over thirty years ago, when I first started programming mainframes. Before this, I had been programming microcomputers as a hobbyist for quite sometime.

I soon moved to work on the early PC's and then became one of the first generation of internet developers.

During all this time I have kept pace with emerging technologies and still have the same, if not more enthusiasm, as when I started this journey.

Below is my current resume/CV. I know that there will be many skills and achievements to add over the future years.

Key Skills And Attributes

  • Over 30 years of IT experience
  • 20 years electronic publishing
  • 20 years web development
  • Project Management skills through the full development lifecycle
  • Strong business management and customer communication skills
  • Successfully led and motivated development teams
  • Strong web development skills PHP, AJAX, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, Javascript
  • In-depth knowledge and skills of implementing mobile internet solutions
  • Microsoft technologies including Windows, ASP, ASP.NET,, SQL Server
  • Demonstrable SEO (search engine optimization) skills

Legacy Skills

  • TSO, VM/CMS, Novell, 'C'. DBase, COBOL, Easytrieve, REXX, Selcopy, IDMS

Key Development Achievements

  • Owner of One of the largest and oldest comic book sites on the web
  • Created a range of mobile sites including global real-time news
  • Developed a suite of services to bulk email real time news to subscribers
  • Built a highly successful management reporting system for senior executives
  • Designed and built a critical program suite that mailed from 6 different platforms with severe time constraints
  • A personal portfolio of sites with a very large and increasing amount of visitors

Career History

Self-employed Webmaster

 (May 2007 - present)
  • Owner of
  • Sole developer
  • Bulk data processing
  • Liaison with external providers

Deputy Internet Development Manager, Dow Jones

 (Oct 1999 - Apr 2007)
  • Responsible for development of Dow Jones real time news sites for subscribers
  • Part of a team providing in house solutions for internal and external clients
  • Developed a bulk mailing system for real time news
  • Developed sites for mobile devices (e.g.: Blackberry, WAP enabled phones)
  • Created frames to embed real time news
  • Created various web sites both for internet and intranet

Internet Software Developer

 (May 1998 - September 1999)
  • As above

Webmaster, Dataop Alliance Limited

 (Jan 1997 - May 1998)
  • Publisher licensed by Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
  • Creation and on going development of the corporate Website
  • Design and programming of Windows utilities to enhance existing product range
  • Production of core publications, support and business development

IT Consultant, MWI

 (Mar 1996 - Dec 1996)
  • Projects included installing a peer-to-peer network in a recruitment company
  • Technical support to a local printing company
  • The specification and installation of a Win NT network and intranet

Project Leader, Hill Samuel Investment Services

 (Apr 1994 - Oct 1996)
  • Management of team producing executive information, data and systems
  • Direct interaction with Senior Management and external agencies
  • Areas serviced included Sales, IT, Compliance, Accounts, Legal and Internal Audit
  • Assignments included the preparation of highly sensitive and confidential reports

Senior Analyst Programmer

 (Jul 1991 - Mar 1994)
  • See above

Analyst - Information Centre

 (Oct 1990 - Jun 1991)
  • See above

Supervisor - Agency Services

 (Aug 1985 - Oct 1990)
  • Specifically recruited to assist in the computerization of the department
  • System testing and acceptance testing
  • Management of a department of six staff
  • Vetting joiners to the direct sales force (1300+) and the upkeep of their records
  • Implementation of procedures to comply with the Financial Services Act 1986

Section Leader - Cashiers

 (Aug 1985 - Oct 1990)
  • Management of a department of four staff
  • Daily reconciliation of cash up to £0.5m
  • Maintaining foreign currency accounts

Senior Clerk - Bought Ledger

 (May 1984 - Aug 1985)
  • Maintaining bought ledger
  • Monthly reconciliation of major accounts
  • Responsibility for petty cash and expense claims

Formal Qualifications

Studied a Degree Course in Political Science at Essex University

'A' Levels

  • English
  • Sociology

'O' Levels

  • English language
  • English literature
  • Sociology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • History
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Music

Personal Interests

Apart from computers I have a wide range of interests including: my dogs, vegetable gardening, entomology, reptiles, cooking and Sudoku, but inevitably gadgets and technology are at the top of the list.

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If you have anything that you think I might be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me. The more challenging the better!

I can be found in many ways, but the easiest is to either email or use this form. My promise is: I answer each and every email!